West Country East voting & results

West Country EastOver the past nine years of The People’s Millions competition we have seen some great projects in the ITV West Country East region. Previous winners include projects to rebuild a scout hut, extend a village hall, create play parks and many more besides.

Check out this year’s shortlisted projects below. On each day of voting, two projects go head-to-head to win the public vote and secure funding. You can see which projects will compete on each day.


FAB Keynsham

Project supporters (6)

Profile Image: http://peoplesmillions.org.uk/FAB Keynsham

FAB KEYNSHAM UP FOR THE PEOPLE’S MILLIONS LOTTERY TV VOTE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpn63raGtgo&feature=youtu.be…

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Space 2 Play

Project supporters (9)

Profile Image: http://peoplesmillions.org.uk/Space 2 Play

This project will redevelop a run-down playground in Headley Lane Park in Bristol which currently has…

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Dementia-friendly Garden

Project supporters (3)

Profile Image: http://peoplesmillions.org.uk/Dementia-friendly Garden

Large numbers of patients with dementia will spend weeks in hospital and are unable to enjoy any time…

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Growing Together

Project supporters (7)

Profile Image: http://peoplesmillions.org.uk/Growing Together


If you VOTE for this project, it will help…

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Handfuls of Harmony Choir

Project supporters (5)

Profile Image: http://peoplesmillions.org.uk/Handfuls of Harmony Choir

--------------------------- THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR US ! x --------------------------- FROM…

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Studley Wildlife Trail

Project supporters (27)

Profile Image: http://peoplesmillions.org.uk/Studley Wildlife Trail

The project will create a wildlife corridor with standing water habitat and with a multi-use path. A…

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