Our Railway Heritage (Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway Historic Vehicles Trust)

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Our Railway Heritage

For over fifty years a small band of enthusiasts have cared for the collection of ex WDLR vehicles. This is their campaign to gather support for our £43,000 bid to get lottery funding for a carriage restoration, with disabled access.

This is a project of the Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway Historic Vehicles Trust ( LCLRHVT).

Our project is to return to use an unrestored Class D chassis into a carriage specifically adapted for wheel chair users to be able to get on board and enjoy the travel experience. This will also help families with prams and push chairs to ride on the train. The work will be designed and supervised by members of the LCLRHVT, some done by specialist local contractors. Once operational, the coach will be used on trains manned by local voluntary members of the LCLRHVT.

We would spend the money restoring a carriage which was used on the Nocton Estates Railway near Lincoln and was saved by the railway when that system closed.

The vehicle was used as the chassis for ‘the tub’, the open coach used from 1960 -1985, but is now in a very poor state. It is complete but requires some major rebuilding along with the re-fitting of air brakes to make it suitable for passenger use.

It is therefore ideal to be able to incorporate access for wheelchair users during the rebuild work. In addition to seating for passengers, there will be an especially dedicated space for wheelchair users. When not being used for this purpose it will be an ideal area for push chairs or for children to stand safely to watch outside.

We will also need to modify our platform area to make using an access ramp straightforward and safe for everyone.


The vehicle will run at the Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway ( LCLR) at the Skegness Water Leisure Park, and the platform at Lakeview will be adapted for better wheelchair access.

The Vote.

Our project will be promoted during a slot on ITV Calendar, to be broadcast on Tuesday 25th November, at 6.00 – 6.30 p.m.

We will post a copy of the transmission on You Tube as soon as possible after broadcast. Check our website for the link on the day. The voting number closes at one minute to midnight on the day, so we only have 15 hours to vote.

If we get more votes than our competitor project on the day, or we are the runner up with the highest number of votes over the three days, we will be offered the fund for our project.

The Campaign.

Please help us get our message to the maximum number of railway enthusiasts and other supporters out there. Once the phone number is known on the day, we would like you to e-mail, message, tweet, or use other social media to garner support, and encourage others to vote. We hope you will not forget to vote either !

Every vote counts, please add yours on the day.

If we succeed.

If we win the funding it will allow us to use local contractors to rebuild the chassis into a passenger carrying carriage, although it will look like an authentic WDLR vehicle, with the addition of a removable safety rail. Once the platform and access is modified we will have full disabled access for all users of the railway.

We expect the work to take 6 – 8 months to complete, during 2015.

The carriage should then be good for another fifty years service on the LCLR.

Project messages

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Posted by rumsby on 18 Nov 2014
Having a coach available for disabled passengers to ride in is important so they can enjoy the experience of narrow gauge rail travel on the LCLR
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Posted by LinesidingwithJohn on 16 Nov 2014
All the very best for your project from China where I am currently looking at narrow gauge and standard gauge steam locos.
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Posted by michael_newbold on 07 Nov 2014
Please visit the 'Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway' site on Facebook for all the latest information on the Peoples Millions appeal and the progress of the railway.
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Posted by Dave_Enefer on 29 Oct 2014
Nice to see a Lincolnshire Railway Heritage project which will allow everyone to access the railway and to learn of its WW1 origins. Good luck with your bid!
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Registering and supporting us on this website does not count as voting. The voting phone number will be advertised here and in the Daily Mirror on the day. A short video about this project and the competing project will also be shown on the ITV regional news between 6.00pm and 6.30pm.

Call from your landline using the long number, or your mobile phone using the short number. Mobile & BT Landline votes cost 15p. Other networks may vary.

Text Relay users should dial 18001 before the landline number.

No profits are made by ITV or the Big Lottery Fund from your calls. Lines are open from 9am until midnight tonight. Terms & conditions at itv.com/terms

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