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Through this project we will improve the lives of people within our community because we will be creating a vibrant hub where everyone can come and enjoy the space that we have together. There is something for everyone, whether you are older or young, a student, volunteer, disabled…it doesn’t matter; no one is excluded!

With funding from the People’s Millions we will create a multi-purpose green and growing space for members of the local community. Groundwork will provide horticultural sessions and develop the skills of volunteers to maintain the space and become volunteer champions. The space will host a wildflower garden, miniature forest, ball court area for the Playgroup and youth projects, sensory garden for disabled children, a formal seating for older people and establish a growing area which will facilitate new education programmes around growing your own produce.

We know that having beautiful outside spaces helps people to lead happier and healthier lives. Gardening projects are well documented as helping to get people active and bringing them together which bridges gaps between culture and generations. In addition to this we will be delivering new learning activities enabling people to develop new skills.

Ultimately we want to create a space that inspires creativity and encourages the next generation of volunteers!

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Posted by Krysia-Griffiths on 26 Nov 2014
VOTE VOTE VOTE Leafy Ladybarn Landline 09015228215 or by mobile 6228215 option 1
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Posted by MagsSmith on 26 Nov 2014
This is the BIG DAY folks! So don't leaf it too late to vote for Leafy Ladybarn!!!
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Posted by Debbie_Field on 25 Nov 2014
A fantastic project which will benefit everyone who visits Ladybarn, young and old alike.
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Posted by BubbleHead86 on 25 Nov 2014
Good Luck To Us!! :)
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Posted by ChrispLOL on 23 Nov 2014
Best of luck. We're all rooting for Leafy Ladybarn.
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Posted by rebecca_moore on 21 Nov 2014
Best of luck to everyone involved! Ladybarn Community Centre is a vital service in our community and I can't think of a more deserving or harder working group of people.
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Posted by Ian_Field on 18 Nov 2014
As always our thoughts are with you as we know how dedicated you all are
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Posted by New_Leaf on 15 Nov 2014
Looks like an amazing project and will help transform the local area.
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Posted by BenNewbould on 13 Nov 2014
Amazing project that will benefit so all members of the community. Vote leafy ladybarn!!!
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Posted by Krysia-Griffiths on 13 Nov 2014
As a worker with older people if Ladybarn was successful in winning it would make their lives a lot easier. They could enjoy the outside, we could hold planting projects, enjoy picnics and much more!!! Please vote for Leafy Ladybarn!!
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Posted by mandy_stack on 09 Nov 2014
This is a brilliant project that will engage with the whole community of Ladybarn!!
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Posted by samantha-taylor on 09 Nov 2014
Fantastic project!!!! Vote ladybarn and make a "real" change!!
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Posted by JamesFIeld on 04 Nov 2014
This is a fantastic project that brings the whole community. It doesn't matter who you're are there will be something to help people get active and healthy.
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Posted by MagsSmith on 30 Oct 2014
A wonderful project that will meet the needs of the whole community!!!
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Posted by claire_tomkinson on 30 Oct 2014
This sounds fantastic. Lovely to see such a wide variety of community members being involved. I love the environmental and food growing aspect. Good luck to everyone involved
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