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The project aims to provide free and low cost holidays to the families of children with disabilities, additional needs or life limiting conditions by purchasing a fully wheelchair accessible caravan which is suitable for children regardless of what there needs are. This will enable them to have a short break which they otherwise would not have access to. We support over 5000 children across our branches and this will give the opportunity to all of the children to spend quality family time together, relaxing and enjoying themselves regardless of their child’s needs or prognosis. Holidays are essential to all families but the practical barriers make it so hard for families for families with disabled children to access them by voting for Little Miracles you are voting for these families to have normality, to give families memories they can hold close in the hard times and the children the opportunity to be children. Thank you for reading and please vote for Little Miracles to give these children the childhood they deserve.

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Posted by HeroesHouseBHL on 26 Nov 2014
Congratulations on Winning The Peoples Millions. Very deserving winners. Well done and all the best for the future :-)
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Posted by wendy_ebbage on 24 Nov 2014
I hope we win as the children will have a great time on a holiday b:) xx
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Posted by rachel_flood on 23 Nov 2014
A holiday caravan would be such a great asset to a fab charity that helps so many families
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Posted by carren_bell on 23 Nov 2014
REally Worthy Cause. They have my vote. Caravan holidays offer freedom and tranquility :-) Just what a family needs Carren@ Lagan's
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Posted by caravanmirac on 23 Nov 2014
Exactly Gary everyone should be able to have some time as a family to make those memories xx
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Posted by garrydockree on 18 Nov 2014
we all had memorable holidays as kids and in the end, this is what forms us as we grow up. memories are the same irrespective of able, or less able.
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Posted by jack_cook on 11 Nov 2014
What an amazing idea! After working with the children I know how much it means to the families to be able to go on holiday without worrying about accessibility issues! good luck :D xxx
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Posted by caravanmirac on 11 Nov 2014
Thanks guys its lovely to hear how much it would mean to you and your children xxx
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Posted by Sam_najim on 11 Nov 2014
This charity is our life line and we don't know what we would do without them. My son has never been on holiday due to his condition and this would give us a chance to get away together.
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Posted by michelle_got_wood on 08 Nov 2014
Such an incredible charity offering soo many opportunites which in most cases cant be achieved easily. To get an adapted caravan will offer soo much to a child who is less able and help the parents relax and enjoy there precious holiday.
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Posted by emilysibthorpe on 30 Oct 2014
Any amazing charity that support so many wonderful children with additional needs, disabilities and life limiting. its fantastic to watch the life changing work they do!!
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Posted by caravanmirac on 29 Oct 2014
Thank you for this opportunity
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