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We plan to create a fantastic facility that can be enjoyed by the whole community. The project will create a community garden, allotments and social area complete with the associated access and infrastructure. It is designed to get the whole community involved from individuals and families to groups such as the playgroup and nursery, school children through to the WI. Everyone will be working together in sustainable activities to help them develop new skills, overcoming social isolation and promote healthy lifestyles. It also offers opportunities for all ages to come together, share skills and experiences.

There will be dedicated social area, ideal for taking a breather when on site, for hosting events such as group BBQs, produce fairs, biggest vegetable competitions and so on. Its not just about hard work and no play.

At the moment we have an empty space – help us by voting for Stanwick Outdoors grow this project into a reality!

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Posted by Sean_Rushden on 25 Nov 2014
Best of luck to Stanwick Outdoors! Be a great facility for local people!
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Posted by TractorBoy on 24 Nov 2014
All at The Green Patch Kettering Support Stanwick Outdoors (Stanwick Parish Council) Community Garden Project And wood like to wish them success in the People's Millions vote on Tuesday
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Posted by hilary_merricks on 06 Nov 2014
Stanwick Outdoors is a brilliant community project in the heart of the village to help us all get together & talk to each other, get healthy & fit by growing good stuff to eat and exercising & relaxing outdoors. Good luck Stanwick!
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