STV West voting & results

STV WestOver the past nine years of The People’s Millions competition we have seen some great projects in the STV Central region. Previous winners have included projects to transform a special school playground, create an all-weather games facility, materials for a heritage site and many more.

Check out this year’s shortlisted projects below. On each day of voting, two projects go head-to-head to win the public vote and secure funding. You can see which projects will compete on each day.


Blazing Saddles

Project supporters (9)

Profile Image: Saddles

The project will allow people with disabilities to get involved in cycling. Local people will be involved…

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Bonus Award!


Disability Community Bus

Project supporters (8)

Profile Image: Community Bus

The project will involve the purchase of a new specially adapted mini-bus to provide safe and reliable…

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Active Playgrounds

Project supporters (17)

Profile Image: Playgrounds

Our Project "Active Playgrounds" aims to improve our playground, by extending our existing garden, installing…

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Project supporters (10)

Profile Image:

The project will expand the group's current street play provision, which offers local children aged…

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Family PLUS

Project supporters (3)

Profile Image: PLUS

The project will hire a Family PLUS coordinator to help families with children with disabilities to…

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Rural Development

Project supporters (4)

Profile Image: Development

This project will provide one to one and group support to families living in rural areas around Stirling…

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