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The Heathlands Project was set up in 2007 by the Glenmore Trust, since then it has grown steadily and became part of an independent charity , The Laurie Brewis Trust (named after one of our founders who sadly died in 2007), in 2013. Originally the project exclusively supported adults with learning disability but the project has grown over it’s lifetime and has widened it’s client groups with whom it works.

The funding from the People’s Millions will help us extend the range of people we support and will help us:

Train unemployed adults to achieve qualifications and employment in the care field;

Support adults with physical disability;

Support adults with Mental Health difficulties;

Work with partner organisations to provide opportunities for older adults including those with dementia and acquired brain injuries;

Run a community garden project;

Run anti-hate crime sessions to children in local schools, and expand the range of people from hard to reach groups we support.

Our current site is based some 5 miles from Carlisle City Centre and is not on a public bus route. Whilst this rural site is ideal in many ways for some of our client groups, it is now reaching capacity and those would would like to use our services tell us they are unable to because our site is too remote and inaccessible by public transport. Also for those of our clients wishing to gain independence skills and interact with the wider community, our current site is unsuitable as our rural location is isolated.

The location also makes it hard to hold integration events, where participants from all parts of society are able to attend. A location in the city centre will allow us to interact more effectively with City Schools and also extend our anti-hate crime initiatives to City Schools.

For these reasons we would like to open an additional operation in Carlisle City Centre.

We have a licence agreement with the Salvation Army for use of their Carlisle City Centre building n Abbey Street. This building is ideally suited for the needs of our project and is located close to bus routes. Use of this and other rented sites in Carlisle will allow us the opportunity to run a variety of trial projects and demonstrate demand. Our aim will be to either purchase or lease a building in Carlisle in the future so as to allow these projects to continue and expand in the longer term.

The city centre site will enable us to run services in the city centre for adults from hard to reach groups, to provide training and qualifications and employment opportunities in care fro unemployed people, work more closely with city schools and run anti-hate crime lessons, and to organise and participate in community integration events.

The Heathlands City Project will provide next steps for many existing services, for example Unity tell us that there is a need for continuing services for adults who are learning to live with addiction, similar views are held in the fields of mental health provision, disability support, probation services and occupational health as such, which the project already links well with and builds on existing provision.

In short – The Heathlands City Project will provide:

Support, encouragement, training, qualifications, sport and a range of other opportunities for disabled adults in Carlisle City Centre. The buildings we intend to use are accessible and suitable for the needs of disabled people. Importantly they ar close to an urban conurbation and public transport. For a proportion of our beneficiaries who are unable to travel on public transport and rely on taxi services or transport from family and friends, this will mean a large reduction in cost and will mean that many are able to parriciapate in events from which they would otherwise be precluded;

Educational opportunities and support for people from hard to reach groups which is accessible for all;

Benefit unemployed adults by providing access to training, qualifications, experience and employment in the care field;

Benefit city schools and children from those schools by providing anti-hate crime lessons in schools;

Promote community integration by running events publicising the talents of those from hard to reach groups in Carlisle City.

The location for activities for all the groups we propose to work with, as well as volunteers that we will engage is vital. If these activities are not run in a central location, which has direct public transport links, they will not flourish.

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Posted by janette_fisher on 06 Nov 2014
Good luck to The Heatlands Project with their campaign - lets hope we achieve our goal!!
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