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Losing some or all of your sight can be a very distressing and have a big effect on your life. Our vision is of a world where visual impairment and other disabilities do not limit or determine opportunity, and where people value their sight. The project we hope to receive funds for aims to raise the awareness and highlight the challenges facing people with sight loss and offer practical support. It has two aspects, firstly a celebrity endorsed event where a celebrity will attempt a variety of daily tasks as a visually impaired person. This event will highlight how difficult tasks such as making a cup of tea to shopping can be when facing sight loss without the right practical support.

Following this event there will be four new volunteer-led community projects launched for people with sight loss, their family or carer in Birmingham: ‘can’t see, can cook’, ‘gym buddies’, ‘shop ‘til you drop’ and ‘access the arts’. These will be held at a variety of locations across Birmingham and will allow people facing sight loss to get real practical help and support to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

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Posted by JW1914 on 19 Nov 2014
Vote for this charity which promotes independent living skills to those with sight loss who would otherwise be isolated and forgotten. Practical help and advice in homes and great social activities at the Centre - Focus makes a difference.
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Posted by KWebster on 19 Nov 2014
Vote for Focus Birmingham so that we can continue to provide, real, practical support for people living with sight loss.
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Posted by KarenYates on 18 Nov 2014
Vote for Focus so that local people who have received the devastating diagnosis of sight loss get the vital support they need to help avoid associated isolation and decline in good mental health.
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Posted by PaulFocus on 18 Nov 2014
We all know and live with people who are blind or visually impaired. Help us to help those people. As we all live longer you too will need this help so support Focus in its fantastic work.
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Posted by Jasmin on 18 Nov 2014
Focus Birmingham plays a crucial role in supporting people who are experiencing sight loss. The community projects will be able to provide local, practical help within people’s homes and communities and make a real difference to their lives.
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Posted by wendyc on 18 Nov 2014
support Focus Birmingham to help visually impaired and blind people to achieve new skills and goals that most of us take for granted on a daily basis. you could make a difference, will you? please vote.
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Posted by mike_hughes on 18 Nov 2014
great team doing great and very important work
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Posted by Tom_Harrison on 18 Nov 2014
Focus changes the lives of thousands of people each year. In an era of austerity and cuts, the work of local charities like Focus is vital in ensuring that blind and visually impaired people can rebuild their lives and fulfil their potential.
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