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London Regional NewsOver the past nine years of The People’s Millions competition we have seen some great projects in the ITV London region. Previous winners include a specialised playground, a sailing project, creation of a children’s play areas and many more.

Check out this year’s shortlisted projects below. On each day of voting, two projects go head-to-head to win the public vote and secure funding. You can see which projects will compete on each day.


Oaks and Acorns

Project supporters (17)

Profile Image: and Acorns

The project will run a number of activities designed to get the older generation to mix and work with…

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Stockwell Matters

Project supporters (14)

Profile Image: Matters

The project will deliver an intergenerational programme working with seniors, younger residents and…

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Colour the Capital

Project supporters (10)

Profile Image: the Capital

This project will brighten up run-down community spaces with colourful murals, giving them much-needed…

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SkyWay Bike Champions

Project supporters (7)

Profile Image: Bike Champions

The SkyWay Bike Champions project will train young people to fix and maintain bikes and to become cycle…

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Childs Hill Park for All

Project supporters (6)

Profile Image: Hill Park for All

This project will create an educational and natural play space at Childs Hill Park to be enjoyed by…

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Space Invaders

Project supporters (12)

Profile Image: Invaders

This scheme will focus on transforming five open spaces close to schools in Lewisham. The regeneration…

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