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The project will refurbish the kitchen facilities in Sandwick Carnegie Public Hall in Shetland in order to make the hall a more modern, functional place to hold community events and to appeal to local community groups. A new improved kitchen will mean the hall will be able to be used by a wide range of local groups.

Our Community have shown by their sheer numbers attending any event in the Hall that they are supportive in all the Committee are doing to save the Hall from Closure. Fundraising in the Carnegie has been amazing as we see not only people from our own Community but from outwith – travelling from various parts of Shetland to join our fun. We support many local charities and would like to see this aspect of our activities continue.

A new upgraded kitchen will enhance the experience for all who use the hall – allowing us to expand the activities we do, making it a valuable asset to our Community.

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Posted by LauraMary on 24 Nov 2014
Been to many SFF concerts in many great halls o' Shetland - this ane did best in the kitchen ~even table service! Lx
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Posted by sue_crosby on 31 Oct 2014
As a visitor to Shetland many times since 2012 I have beento several functions in this hall
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Posted by sue_crosby on 31 Oct 2014
It NEEDS the kitchen to survive and thrive and Sandwick needs the hall for the exact same reasons .Best of luck to the hard working committee !
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Posted by jami_sungaets on 28 Oct 2014
Fully behind the Carnegie Kitchen Project as it is will help the hall to continue to meet the needs of a wide range of local community groups.
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