A Difference in Young People's Lives

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ITV Region: Yorkshire North / Year: 2009

Categories: Young people, Health, Sport

Prince Philip Centre
Scott Hall Avenue

Email: cfydc@yahoo.co.uk

CFYDC (Chance) registered charity number:1121341

Website: www.cfydc.com

Welcome to CFYDC (Chance) /Chapeltown Football Youth Development Centre. The sole purpose of our existance is to make ‘A Difference In Young People’s Lives’. CFYDC (Chance) is a vibriant, dynamic and innovative organisation which provides a range of organised sports, self development and educational activities for young people. We cater for ages from 4 to 19 regardless of background, race, ethnicity, religion or gender. CFYDC (Chance) is open to all regardless of ability or disability.

CFYDC (Chance) utilises the popularity of football to engage young people in positive activity to develop self belief and realise ambitions. Activities are geared to the physical, social, psychological and technical development of young people, to enable them to achieve their full potential in life. CFYDC (Chance) strives for high standards and quality in all aspects of its operation and encourages youth development in a safe, respectable and stimulating environment.

CFYDC (Chance) project ‘A Difference In Young Peoples Lives’ will help young people living in deprived areas access what they deserve, which is a fair chance in life. These minibuses which we are appealing for will enable young people to widen their horizons and to access opportunities further field. The organisation has a programme of activities geared to young people’s needs. CFYDC (Chance) provides the following activities which is currently accessed by over 600 young people on a weekly basis:

- Football
- Mini Soccer
- Futsal
- Weight Training
- Fitness Training/Physical Conditioning
- Dance/Cheography
- Healthy Cooking and Eating Sessions
- Nutritional Advice
- Filming Club
- Drugs Awareness Workshops
- Weapons Awareness Workshops
- Access to C-Card and sexual health advice
- Access to FA Level 1 and 2 Football Coaching courses
- Access to Futsal Coaching
- Mentoring
- The Learning Village
- Proposed After School Homework Club
- The Goal Project/Alternative Curriculum
- The Estates Project/Leeds United In The Community
- Physiotherapy Treatment