A Million Ways

Peoples Millions

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ITV Region: Border / Year: 2009

Categories: Young people, Education

Slatefell Drive
CA13 9BH

Website: www.allsaintscockermouth.org.uk

The purpose of our project is to create an innovative and imaginative multi-sensory path within the playground of our younger children which is adjacent to the Strategic Facility for children with autism who will also be primary users. The project will transform a barren piece of land into a dynamic environment that will stimulate the senses and develop social interaction and participation. The design has been specially adapted to meet the needs of our children with autism some of whom find social interaction difficult.

Our sensory garden will be unique from the moment the children activate the sensor of our roaring dragon as they enter into their journey of adventure or cluster together to talk under its wings.

In the garden they will encounter our mysterious, speaking chest which may give them a message of intrigue, encouragement or instruction; a rustic wooden bridge whose sensor will activate the sound of a babbling brook; there will be Interactive flower talk tubes and a Share Chair specially designed to engage children with special needs in conversation.

The path will be one of changing delight with unexpected surprises such as the sneezing magic plant on rainy days, sensors activated at random along the twisting path and sensors hidden in trees in our mysterious wood.

We hope that many community groups will be able to enjoy the sensory project if we are successful so that the project will enrich the lives of many children.