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ITV Region: Central West / Year: 2013


Dear Friend,
I am supporting the community together with others and hoping you can help me to help save a life today. If you can find the time, please read the following explanation of how I and others like myself are achieving this.

We are helping a charity to transform an old musical hall into a communal hub that provides support, entertainment and a social meeting place for vulnerable members of our community who are at risk of becoming socially isolated.

Part of this project is aimed at giving our senior citizens the chance to engage with others, have a purpose in life and live life to the fullest extent possible, whilst supporting their families and carers. The project is called;


and it will help people to overcome some of the everyday problems which are wide spread within our ageing community, by providing a nostalgic and cosy environment where everyone will be encouraged to interact, talk about eras gone by and enjoy traditional entertainment. Our younger generation will be encouraged to identify with the needs of our ageing community and will be involved with musical shows, helping with traditional games such as bingo or beetle drives and will also help prepare and serve afternoon teas.

In this way we will bring our ageing community together with members of the younger generation into a positive learning and socialising environment which will in turn rekindle the community spirit which once flourished amongst the young and old, within families, friends and neighbours.

Although it can be wonderful to live a long and healthy life, unfortunately not all of our pensioners have good health, close family ties and positive day-to-day experiences. In fact, the ageing process often leaves us susceptible to strokes and chronic illness such as cancers, strokes and dementia. This often leads to people sitting at home looking at four walls and becoming lonely, in the clear belief that they have nothing left to offer in life or to gain from it. The only thing they seem to have left is their memories of their good old days gone by.

We have applied to,’The Peoples Millions’ for a grant of £50,000 to help us to make repairs and buy special equipment that will help us to improve the centre and achieve this. To make sure we get this grant we need your support.

We believe that the most important gift that anyone can give is life and you can give life back to so many by simply supporting the Good Old Days project.

To do this is so simple. Please share this letter with all your friends and vote for us on the 25th November by telephoning the number which is available on the day from;

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